Ark Contracting Services LLC was established in 2004 and is a specialty construction contractor focused in heavy civil wet ground and infrastructure projects.  Current scope of practice includes but is not limited to gabion structures, concrete structures, shoring systems, earth retention structures, pipelines, earth anchors systems, erosion protection, and dredging disciplines. 

With a clear focus on quality, safety, and integrity, Ark Contracting Services is committed to empowering our valued employees with the appropriate tools and resources supporting professional growth.

Safety Philosophy

Ark Contracting Services maintains a strong safety philosophy; Safety is critical for many obvious reasons, but first and foremost, we care about every individual employee that works for this company. We want our employees' family members to know that we take great strides to ensure that their loved ones will go home to them a day at the job site. We believe that is it the employee that makes this company great; it is the employee's participation and reporting that helps us continuously improve our safety programs, processes, and procedures. To us, safety isn't just a written policy in some guidebook; it is at the core of our values. We convey this message through employee engagement, safety training, in-house safety program management, auditing. We also back up what we do through the use of an outside safety consulting firm to ensure that we are up to date with the latest industry safety practices, policies, procedures, and safety related training.

Key Personnel

Mark R. North

C H I E F  E X E C U T I V E  O F F I C E R 

Mark North has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has over 40 years experience in construction with over 25 years actively in heavy civil wet ground and infrastructure projects that include but not limited to gabion structures, concrete structures, shoring systems, earth retention structures, pipelines; earth anchors systems, erosion protection, dredging disciplines, retaining walls and erosion control structure construction.

Michael Young


Michael Young has 15 plus years of general contracting experience he brings to ACS. Michael has extensive structural concrete and paving management experience. His background includes structural concrete, site projects, pipeline, and urban paving. Michael Young manages our site, structural and paving operations. 

Karen Hatton


Karen Hatton has a MBA and Bachelor of Business Administration with 10 years of public accounting experience. Karen Hatton has over 6 years of construction accounting experience as well as experience in wholesale/retail accounting and not-for-profit accounting experience. 

Vince Romero


Vince is a retired Air Force C-130 Flight Engineer with  employee training and safety compliance for Ark’s various projects.